Bonus Calculation & Management Software

CompTrak's Incentive and Bonus Management platform keeps you aligned with the corporate, team and individual goals. Ensure employees are properly rewarded and recognized for great individual and team performance.

Simplify the Complex

CompTrak's Bonus Management software facilitates the collection, calculation, processing and management of multiple types of incentive and bonus plans including discretionary, formulaic and performance-based. Manage plan variations across different regions incorporating multiple currencies, regulations, rules, budgets and metrics.

Track multiple individual, team, group and corporate performance metrics across your organization with dynamic and configurable workflows. Enhanced scenario modelling allows you to model plan changes, employee movements and forecast business results.

CompTrak Compensation Management

Smarter Decisions

Customizable leader experience, guidance, alerts and real-time dashboards ensure data-driven decisions for every pay action. Intelligent filtering allows you to view the data how you need it.

CompTrak's configurable hierarchy, workflow and approval management bring increased transparency and automation to your review and calibration process.

CompTrak Compensation Management

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Automate your bonus management process and reduce the risk of manual spreadsheets and legacy systems.

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Empower Your Organization to Win the Talent War

  • Seamlessly fits into your HR ecosystem by integrating with any HRIS or Performance Management software
  • Configurable users permissions with custom roles. Full ownership of access rights and cycle phases

  • Customized reporting suite with advanced analytics and self-serve dashboards for all key stakeholders

  • Manage all exceptions, adjustments and overrides within CompTrak with full audit log and tracking
  • Comprehensive review and calibration capabilities for Executive, Delegates and HR teams
  • Flexible framework allows organization to evolve and adjust compensation strategy as you grow

CompTrak implemented a compensation review process at lightning speed. Our company needed a proper system to keep track of and support our promotion and annual compensation review processes. CompTrak helped to solve these problems in a straightforward and smooth way. CompTrak is capable of making very complex and extensive processes easy to use.

Director of Compensation, Global Financial Services
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CompTrak's enterprise platform brings simplicity, visibility and security to all aspects of your compensation program.