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Engage your employees

Are you looking to drive digital transformation forward and show your employees the true value of their complete compensation package? CompTrak’s total rewards statement is a solution to numerous touchpoints and a benefit to so many more. Through the use of our total rewards software, you can improve employee morale, reduce turnover, and attract top talent. Highlight your total rewards program in a new way with interactive and dynamic statements that provide employees with a full breakdown of their compensation, bonuses, long-term incentive programs, and benefits.

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Streamlining Your System

Your employees are the backbone of your organization. Invest in a system that gives them on-demand information when they need it, rather than requiring more guesswork than is necessary. Keep the information and data that is relevant to them accessible and transparent, so they can witness your investment in them. Enhance the experience through engaging communication with perspective into their performance and compensation, therefore meeting their needs and ensuring their engagement.

Experience a Digital Transformation

Redundant, and disjointed systems should be a thing of the past. Realistically, these systems are more work than they need to be, and the end result doesn’t always match the expectations of employees. Especially considering we live in a digitally-focused world. So, move into the 21st century with a personalized digital experience tailored to your employees. Create an experience they will want to enjoy through dynamic videos and personalized content. International businesses can also enjoy easy translations to meet the needs of their employees wherever they are.

Increase Employee Retention

It can be a struggle to communicate the full value of your employees as they relate to your business. Perhaps you have experienced resignations as part of being in a highly competitive industry or want to ensure retention through a transparent report regarding the worth of your employees. Communicate the full value of your total rewards program and keep employees happy and engaged in their role as it relates to your company. With information at their fingertips, they can truly uncover their value as it relates to your company before making any costly decisions.

products Modules

Scenario Modelling

Allow employees to see into their future with your company. Remove the uncertainty or inaccuracy of their personal calculations and give them a tool that provides precise results. CompTrak’s total rewards software lets your staff model their compensation and value long-term holdings using the “What If Calculator” functionality. Demonstrate your commitment to their growth immediately and as time goes on.

Document Management

Centralize what was once disorganized and ensure availability and convenience. Through our total rewards solution, you can also automate the creation of agreements, contracts and e-signatures with DocuSign integration. Make use of a document repository of past agreements, plan documents, and tax forms that are always right where you and your employees need them.

Portfolio View

At its foundation, a total rewards solution should have real-time visibility. At CompTrak, we enhance this feature so it covers all bases and gives your staff the data and information they want to see when they want to see it. Give perspective into current equity holdings, future vesting and the potential value of long-term incentives. This will ensure that each one of your employees understands the true value of the programs available to them.

Plan Acknowledgement

No need to spend countless hours distributing and chasing down signatures for new plan documents Our total rewards system can automate the distribution and acknowledgement of new plan documents and contracts. Make updates and changes as you see fit, and ensure employees are kept in the loop regarding their rewards.

Branded Experience

Your business has its own unique brand that your employees recognize. Translate this into your total rewards program and customize the end experience. CompTrak is capable of emulating your specific branding down to the last detail to reflect your perspective and communication strategy. Present your total rewards program in a way that is unique to your company and will speak to your employees.

Talent Acquisition

Extend the benefits of CompTrak’s total rewards software beyond your current staff. Leverage the branded portal to communicate offer letters to prospective employees and show them the true value of your rewards package. Showcase the dedication you have to your staff before they even accept the offer, and impress them with your processes as they relate to your business.

What You Will Get

Support Every Step of the Way

At CompTrak, we are always around when you need us. Our support packages are uniquely designed for global and local markets, ensuring that we can support your needs every step of the way as you integrate our total rewards software into your systems.

Unify CompTrak with Your Existing Ecosystem

CompTrak’s fully integrated platform can amalgamate with your HR ecosystem. We seek to ensure this solution stays just that and doesn’t add stress to your existing operating system, including Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM, UKG and other common HR suites.

Software that Scales and Grows with You

CompTrak's platform is designed to suit your needs now but built with growth and scalability in mind. It’s likely that your requirements will change and your business will grow – and your total rewards program might shift as a result. We will be there with you to ensure your processes are always in order.

Compliant with Auditing Policies

Stepping into a digitally-transformed space can be a great experience from an automation and user standpoint. However, without proper auditing and compliance tools, this would soon be rendered obsolete. At CompTrak, we’ve thought of that and more. Enjoy in-depth logging and other standard features to meet the needs of your industry.

Intuitive Navigation

The user interface on our total rewards software is simple to use and easy to navigate, even when logging in for the first time. Descriptions and hover text are available to help educate your employees on their rewards program, and enhance the experience from the very beginning.

Internationally Equipped

CompTrak is a global solution. Whether your total rewards program is unique to certain countries or expands throughout continents, we have you covered. From regional governance and audit requirements to multiple currencies, languages and real-time FX rates, we can incorporate parameters to suit your business needs.

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