Equity Plan Management

Maximize the value of long term incentives

We help companies deliver and simplify equity compensation management as part of your total compensation strategy. CompTrak accommodates whatever unique needs your organization requires, freeing you up to spend more time on what matters to you – improving the performance of your business.

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One System For All Comp

One single platform for all compensation from salary reviews to promotions, incentives, commissions and equity. Give your leaders a holistic view to make smart, better-informed decisions.


Globally Equipped

CompTrak is global – from regional governance and audit requirements to multiple exchanges, currencies, languages and real-time FX rates – we have your global requirements covered.


Employee Communication

To maximize the value of long-term incentives, take back control over the communication and tracking of awards to ensure the right people are fully invested in your organization.  


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See how LTIP and Equity Management can be integrated into one single compensation platform.

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A comprehensive budgeting tool designed to provide top-down visibility into pool allocation. Plan against past and current data to ensure compensation is linked to strategic goals and performance.


Keep your organization competitive in all markets and roles with the CompTrak Salary Management solution. Provide your team with the right tools to attract, reward and retain top talent. Learn more


Performance management keeps employees aligned with corporate, team and individual objectives ensuring employees are recognized and remunerated for great performance.

Employee Experience

Dynamic and personalized one-stop for all things compensation. Communicate base, bonus, benefits and equity in one platform giving your employees the total view.

Scenario Modelling

Review, analyze and simulate equity compensation plans, allocation and scenarios with CompTrak's comprehensive Scenario Modelling module.

Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and dashboards tailored to all your key stakeholders from finance, executives and HR. On-the-fly analysis and intelligent filtering for managers.


What you will get...

  • Service Excellence with 24x7 Support

    Global means global, we are around when you need us and not just by email. Check out support packages to see how we will support your group, when you need it, not when it is convenient for us.

  • Worry free Integration

    We are part of your HRIS and corporate ecosystem - we certainly aren't everything to everyone, so having predefined webservices and API's with your core systems is table stakes.

  • Complete Workflow

    CompTrak provides one platform for the complete equity compensation process. From awarding of equity, acceptance of award, tracking of accumulated dividends, vesting, exercising and payment. For those on the administrative side, we provide intuitive modules for review and approval, plan participant profiles and plan configurations for vesting and exercising.

  • Auditing & Compliance

    The amount of cash and equity that organisations distribute, doesn't happen without checks and balances. Audit logs and multi-layered and even parallel workflows are standard and out of the box with CompTrak.

  • Mobility

    We are a digitally aware and that means user-centred design is at our core. More than 95% of our statements are viewed from mobile devices. We are bringing mobility to compensation - our system is regularly being updated to include mobile access for leaders and managers.

  • Partnering with Compensation Experts

    Compensation and enterprise software are the DNA of our organization. CompTrak was built by compensation experts, the same people that will be part of the team to ensure your success.


One platform for all your compensation needs

CompTrak's single cloud-based platform brings simplicity, visibility and security to your entire compensation cycle.