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Maximize the value of long-term incentives

At CompTrak, we help companies deliver, simplify, and communicate equity compensation management as part of their total compensation strategy. Our software solution is meant to promote visibility and can accommodate whatever unique needs your organization requires, freeing you up to spend more time on what matters to you – improving the performance of your business.

Strategic Alignment from Top to Bottom

Ensure your top talent is compensated appropriately and realizes the full value of their long-term incentive equity awards from your company. Combine the ability to stay up-to-date on your employees' long-term vested interest in your organization and utilize this knowledge to enact compensation package adjustments to ensure lasting retention. Reduce the chances of oversight and hone in on the details that matter to you, with our equity management software.

Employee Communication

Maximize the value of long-term incentives by taking back control over the communication and tracking of awards to ensure the right people are fully invested in your organization. Removing guesswork and streamlining communication allows your employees to gain increased visibility into their compensation packages and understand the potential value their equity awards can have over time. An equity management system promotes transparency and can transform your landscape for the better.

One System for All Comp

Embrace the use of one single platform for all compensation, from salary reviews to promotions, incentives, commissions, and equity. Give your leaders a holistic view to make smart, better-informed decisions. Gain perspectives ahead of the curve, and allow your team to use their skills to plan and execute strategies and review useful, informative, and extensive data.

Products Modules

Our detailed and focused equity management software is a solution that extends beyond a singular cycle. We aim to provide comprehensive value to your company, measuring insights and filling gaps that were previously considered time-consuming, tedious, and exhaustive. From private to public companies and industry to industry, types of equity may change. What remains the same is CompTrak’s commitment to diversified options that are customizable to your needs.

Award Allocation

Use a single system for the end-to-end management of various types of equity programs. Manage every step of the LTI process, from budget planning to allocation, review, approval, tracking and payout. Remove counterproductive barriers and processes and begin a refreshed sense of direction that can easily move between stages with all relevant information readily available.

Deferral Management

Manage long-term incentives and deferrals across multiple years, instruments and vesting schedules. This can include different types of plans, including phantom equity, restricted and performance shares. An equity management platform like CompTrak is a focused resource, meaning nothing slips through the cracks. Seek out details and timelines on demand for specific employees without having to switch between information systems.

Document Management

Automate the creation of contracts and e-signatures with predefined templates, acknowledgements and DocuSign integration. Have access to a document repository of past agreements, plan documents and tax forms with full-scale searchability as needed. CompTrak offers organization opportunities every step of the way, so no more searching through endless file names or scouring emails for the correct date and subject.

Employee Experience

Highlight your commitment to streamlining systems beyond HR and executive access to a branded employee portal. This space can communicate the value of long-term incentives and equity, offering staff a comprehensive look at what your company is investing in them. Engage according to your communication strategy, and customize the experience to one that communicates your point of view. Consider the addition of “what-if” scenario modelling to view the potential growth of your employee’s awards.

Advanced Analytics

Move past general applied data and into the world of comprehensive reporting and dashboards that are tailored to all your key stakeholders from finance, executives and HR. On-the-fly analysis and intelligent filtering for managers can make quick work of data sets and figures to the details needed for risk management and analysis.

Comp Conscience

Remove the bias from decision-making with enhanced DEI metrics for leaders, HR and Executives. Address potential problems as they happen and remain vigilant for the future. Track your progress on efforts, assign goals, develop accountability, and ensure transparency with equity compensation software that goes beyond facts and figures.

What You Will Get

The move from your current process may seem daunting. Certainly, at the bare minimum, it works for your needs. But that doesn’t mean it’s an efficient choice that fully supports your business goals. While concrete solutions are desirable, you’ll also want an option with features that solve a problem without creating another, and that ensures no technical difficulties along the way.

Our equity management software demonstrates a customizable approach without compromising on user experience. After all, it is employees that provide the backbone of your organization, and it is only through the right tools that they can overcome challenges and discover opportunities.

Service Excellence, 24/7 Support

To us, global service means we are around when you need us and not just by email. Check out our support packages to see how we will assist your group when you need it, ensuring there are no gaps in communication or unanswered concerns before and during your onboarding process with us. After full integration, we leverage our knowledge and resources to offer a dedicated support service that connects with you however and whenever it is needed.

Fully integrated into your ecosystem

CompTrak’s fully integrated compensation management platform integrates with your HR ecosystem, including Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM, UKG and other common HR suites. Incorporating our equity management software into your processes couldn’t be easier, and can start providing you and your company with the solutions you are looking for in a productive and timely manner.

All-in-one platform for all comp

CompTrak has one objective — to simply and securely manage and deliver your compensation. Having a single platform to deliver salary, bonus, and long-term incentives simplifies tasks and mitigate risk. Each of our modules is best of breed, so you never have to settle for something less than, or inherently basic. Our robust equity management platform is truly your one-stop for all the details you need at your fingertips.

Configured for today, designed for tomorrow

CompTrak's platform is designed to suit your needs now, and in the future. We built this equity management system with growth and scalability in mind. As you expand, your requirements will change, and your business will grow – and we will be there with you to ensure your compensation processes are always in order. No matter the exponential or solid advancement you see, CompTrak can continue to deliver results that make a difference.

Auditing & Compliance

We love automation, great user experience and stunning dashboards, but without in-depth logging, you certainly won't pass compliance audits. For us, it's standard, so you’ll be audit ready whenever it is needed. Remove the need for additional tracking or processes that may fall short, and ensure continued peace of mind with equity administration software that meets and exceeds your needs.

HR digital transformation

We are a digitally aware company and that means user-centred design is at our core. More than 95% of our statements are viewed from mobile devices. We bring mobility to compensation — our system is regularly being updated to include mobile access for leaders and managers. Seeing how our software can integrate into your monthly, weekly, and daily tasks seamlessly is part of our mission to modernize your equity plan management and extend beyond the necessary cycle to become an efficient resource that is easily accessible anywhere.

Partnering with compensation experts

Compensation and enterprise software are the DNA of our organization. CompTrak was built by compensation experts, the same people that will be part of the team to ensure your success. We believe in our pursuits and how they can help provide you with opportunities and solutions as it relates to your business because we have experienced similar challenges required to ensure our equity management software is a triumphant move for you.

Globally Equipped

CompTrak is a global solution for equity plan management software. We are capable of supporting everything from regional governance and audit requirements to multiple currencies, languages and real-time FX rates. Whatever your concerns or conditions may be as they relate to your company globally or locally, we’ve got them covered. Innovation is part of our passion, and with the addition of features available to international markets, our solution can be the game-changer you have been searching for.

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