Equity Plan Management

CompTrak's equity plan management suite allows your organization to manage all components of equity compensation. The equity plan management module includes awarding of equity, acceptance of the award by the employee, tracking of accumulated dividends, vesting, exercising and payment.  It offers employees a user-friendly branded experience.  The offering includes online and mobile statements, as well as historical transaction detail.

CompTrak supports the employee experience with a series of administrative features that include administrative review and approval, plan participant profiles, plan configuration for vesting and exercising periods and extensive reporting for key stakeholders including finance, human resources, and executives.  This fully cloud-based offering can be layered on top of the Incentive and Merit Review suite or deployed on its own.

Equity Plan Management Features:

  • RSU, PSU and Notional Share Awarding, Tracking, Exercising and Payment

  • Full Employee Experience plan acknowledgement, generation of contract, statements, historical transactions, and trending in both a desktop and mobile environment

  • Configurable for different types of plans and vesting arrangements

  • Branded to your specific company

  • Full reporting suite including outstanding shares by grant and vest year

  • Multi-currency and language

  • Integration with CompTrak’s other modules


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