Carried Interest Management

Digitally Transform Your Compensation Process

Manage your compensation, long-term incentive and carried interest programs in CompTrak’s highly configurable single platform. Connect strategic initiatives to performance across your organization
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Connect Compensation

CompTrak’s solution to the fragmented and manually intensive compensation process enables your company to maintain a high-level overview of compensation, equity and carried components within one platform

Total Management of Carried Interest

Accommodate joiners and leavers within your plans and implement updates as needed. Prepare forecasts and reports within one convenient location, and save data to be reviewed or for future usage.

Configured for Flexibility and Efficiency

As your firm grows, it's software needs will evolve. With CompTrak's highly configurable platform, you can rest assured the platform will be able to accommodate your future growth and evolution

products Modules

Vehicle Manager

Keep the data you need access to within reach. CompTrak is a comprehensive tool to manage ownership allocation, capital events, and track your carried interest and co-invest programs. Review details, update accounts, and integrate new touchpoints where you see fit.

Document Management

Automate the creation of agreements, acknowledgements, e-signatures within CompTrak's document management module. We also incorporated a document repository for administrators and participants that is customizable based on the parties who need access.

Participant Experience

Portfolio holdings, reports and forecasts all available in the self-serve participant portal. Reduce the manual burden of report generation and processing

Reporting and Analytics

Each level of your firm needs specified data that answers their questions. CompTrak’s carried interest software for private equity and asset management has various options including partner, fund and deal-level reporting

Long-Term Incentive Management

Go beyond the immediate needs of carried interest software to encompass all your long-term incentives programs. The CompTrak platform enables the management of LTI across multiple securities, instruments, risk profiles and plan types. Learn more at Equity Plan Management

What You Will Get

24/7 Support and Service

As a global organization, we work to be around when you need us. Consider us an extension of your finance and compensation teams.

All-in-one Software Options

Our expertise extends beyond carried interest. Manage your total compensation with Compensation Management and Equity Plan Software solutions.

Designed with Tomorrow in Mind

Highly configurable, the CompTrak platform evolves with your organization as you grow over time

Covering All Bases

Take advantage of standard security and auditing framework ensuring you meet internal and external compliance requirements

A Complete Digital Transformation

Our solutions are designed to be user-centered, and with that comes a mobile-focused mindset.

Partnering with Professionals

CompTrak was built by compensation experts, the same people that identified the need for a better way to manage carried interest in private equity.

A Global Perspective

Our clients require support beyond a national level. This is why we are a global entity, and capable of supporting your firm throughout all countries where you do business.

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