Carried Interest and Co-Invest Management

Secure Your Process

Manage your carried interest and co-invest programs within CompTrak’s flexible cloud platform. Improve program visibility with an enriched participant experience and robust reporting modules to ensure all stakeholders have full access to their portfolio and data at all times.

Connect to All Levels

CompTrak’s solution to the fragmented and manually intensive carried interest program enables secure and robust management of your highly strategic programs.

Manage All Programs

Manage Carried Interest, Co-Invest, and Long-Term Incentive programs all within one platform. Enhanced visibility for all your key stakeholders.

Configured for Efficiency

Stay on top of your existing processes while remaining agile with forecasts and customizable reports. Contracts, deals, and funds are all managed through one platform.

Secure and Digitize Your Carried Interest Program

Vehicle Manager

CompTrak has designed a comprehensive tool to manage the ownership allocation and capital events of your carried interest and co-invest programs. With information available in one convenient location, you can cut down on time searching for various pieces and focus on the results as a whole.

Document Management

Paperwork should be easily manageable and accessible in one central location for transparency. Automate the creation of agreements, acknowledgments, and e-signatures within CompTrak's document management module.

Participant Experience

The additional time that is spent putting together reports and documentation can be avoided. Provide your stakeholders with a participant portal with a real-time view of their holdings, valuations, and future transactions.

Reporting and Analytics

Each level of your firm needs specified data that answers their questions. CompTrak’s carried interest software for private equity and asset management groups has various options including partner, fund, and deal-level reporting.

Long-Term Incentive Management

Go beyond the immediate needs of carried interest software to encompass long-term incentives throughout your firm. CompTrak enables the management of LTI across multiple securities, instruments, risk profiles, and plan types. Learn more

What You Will Get

24/7 Support and Service

As a global solution, we work to be around when you need us. That means creating several touchpoints for support, and ensuring you have the knowledge you need to seamlessly integrate our software into your day-to-day. Support packages can vary depending on the specific needs of your group, whether that be service via email or over the phone.

All-in-one Software Options

Our expertise extends beyond carried interest software for private equity and asset management. We also have other offerings, including Compensation Management and Equity Plan Software. These solutions, when combined, can offer your employees a full perspective of what is available to them while they work for your firm.

Designed with Tomorrow in Mind

As you welcome the growth of your firm, so should your existing processes. CompTrak's platform is designed to suit your needs, no matter the level of scalability you have in mind. Your carried interest processes will always be in order, no matter the joiners and leavers, signing of contracts and new deals, or sale of assets. We can meet you every step of the way to enhance what is already working, and update based on renewed needs.

Covering All Bases

CompTrak is not a superficial solution. While we are proud to leverage the use of automation and great user experience, the software solution has to go deeper than that to be effective and compliant. Throughout our system, in-depth logging is standard. Track clicks and manage the reports of details that are vital to your needs. Meet the requirements for internal and external audits without additional processes, tasks, or spreadsheets.

A Complete digital transformation

We are a digitally aware company. Our solutions are designed to be user-centered, and with that comes a mobile-focused mindset. We acknowledge that most statements are viewed on cell phones and tablets, which is why we configure our end design to be easily viewed and understood in that way. We also perform regular updates to ensure that our software always performs at its best.

Partnering with Professionals

While compensation and enterprise software is the DNA of our organization, we are also aware of the diverse landscape of industries that require thoughtful and robust system solutions. CompTrak was built by compensation experts, the same people that identified the need for a better way to manage carried interest. We will work with your team to ensure success and look forward to the collaborative process that will allow your firm the advantage it needs to leverage more time doing what it does best.

A Global Perspective

Our clients require support beyond a national level. This is why we are a global entity, and capable of supporting your firm throughout all regions where you do business. Our system can be customized to meet regional governance and audit requirement concerns. It’s also configured to handle multiple currencies and languages, coupled with real-time FX rates. We ensure nothing slips through the cracks, as our carried interest software for private equity can do it all.

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