Compensation Management Software

Simplify the Complex

Drive the strategy and objectives unique to your organization through a highly configurable compensation management platform focused on centralizing and automating your processes. Connect your organization from top to bottom with leaders, HR and executives getting the right data to make the right compensation decisions.

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Align Compensation Across the Entire Organization

An intelligent approach that connects performance to compensation at each decision point. Lead your managers through a journey of compensation planning giving them renewed perspectives and insights.

End-to-End Management of All Compensation

Flexible framework and dedicated modules for the management of all types of compensation, from salary, bonus, incentives, and equity to OKRs and specialized programs like carried interest.

Configured for Flexibility and Efficiency

A modular approach and experienced client partners enable the system to be tailored to your needs with the ability to shift, grow, and change with you as you evolve as an organization.

Reimagine Compensation

A suite of cloud-based modules to support your HR transformation. CompTrak is a trusted partner that brings you scalability as you grow and evolve. With every aspect of compensation mapped out, we offer you a smarter path to productivity.  

Budget Planning

A comprehensive budgeting tool designed to link compensation planning to strategic goals and performance. Move past outdated structures that hinder your ability to plan with accuracy and proper data with compensation management software that supports your needs every step of the way.

Salary Management

Keep your organization competitive in all markets and roles with the CompTrak Salary Planning solution. Lead your managers through the journey of salary and focal reviews with the right data drivers to make the right decisions.

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Promotions Management

Take advantage of configurable workflows and manage your promotions process from nomination to employee communication. Track the progression of employees through your organization to ensure your career path and succession planning strategy is covered.

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Bonus Management

Manage the allocation, calculation, and processing of multiple types of incentive programs. Reward the right people for great individual and team performances ensuring successes are properly recognized.

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Performance Management

Year-round performance management keeps employees connected with corporate, team, and individual goals ensuring staff are recognized and remunerated for great performance. A platform that goes beyond corporate results and gets to the heart of a team’s and individual's performance.

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Commissions and Billable

End-to-end management of complex revenue-driven and billable compensation plans. Bring together all aspects of compensation into one platform for a solution that saves guesswork and the risk of pitfalls by supporting all organizational units of your company.

Long-Term Incentives

Manage long-term incentives and deferrals across multiple years, instruments, risk profiles, and plan types. Reap the benefits of moving to a system that properly communicates the value of your LTI programs while also allowing you to gather insights from a total compensation perspective.

Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and dashboards tailored to all your key stakeholders. Sift through considerable amounts of data with ease to find the specifics that will make all the difference. Take advantage of on-the-fly analysis and intelligent filtering to ensure the right data is being viewed at each decision point.

Comp Conscience

Actively acknowledge, measure and normalize compensation disparities at each pay action. Eliminate guesswork with compensation management software that provides insight into the Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) of your organization's compensation programs.

What You Will Get with CompTrak

24/7 Support with Service Excellence

No matter where your organization is located, or when you need support, CompTrak is available to serve you. Our service extends beyond email to better understand and solve any issues you may have. Our support packages can be tailored to your needs, ensuring our help can be available when it is most convenient for you and ensuring you discover solutions rather than pitfalls regarding the implementation of our software.

Full Ecosystem Integration

Our all-in-one compensation management software is capable of fully integrating within your HR environment. It is compatible with various suites including Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM, and UKG. As the solution to your processes, we aim to be fully compliant and functional with the existing platform you use. Our software can also work with the data sets you already have so you don’t need to start from scratch once our system is implemented.

A Single, Complete System for all comp

CompTrak has one objective — to simply and securely, manage and deliver your compensation. For us, that means having a single platform to deliver salary, bonus and long-term incentives, among other vital details, that can simplify tasks and mitigate risks. Our experts have worked hard to ensure that each of our modules is best of breed, so you never have to settle for anything that won’t deliver the results you are looking for, and then some.

Configured for the Present and designed for the Future

Our compensation management software platform is designed to suit the needs of your organization as it stands today. But as your company scales and grows, you’ll need a continued solution to ensure your bases are covered, and needs are met. We can help there too. We intend to work with you every step of the way so that your compensation processes can always be completed in a timely and detail-oriented manner.

Auditing & Compliance

The details of what makes any software optimal lie in automation, great user experience and stunning dashboards. However, from a logistic and company compliance perspective, without in-depth logging of vital information, clicks, and data, there is no chance your organization will pass a compliance audit. With CompTrak, we’ve made the details needed a standard feature, so you don’t have to worry about add-ons or missing the mark.

A Complete Opportunity for Digital HR transformation

Without a user-centred design, adding a compensation management system may be more detrimental to your company than its original process. Not to worry, as we are digitally aware of the needs of our users. As items become optimized for a mobile-first experience, we recognize the need to be ahead. With more than 95% of CompTrak statements viewed on mobile devices, we have made it part of our mission to bring mobility to the compensation landscape. Our system undergoes regular updates to ensure it can keep up with mobile accessibility for leaders and managers.

Partnering with compensation experts

Our software was built as a solution by compensation experts who understand the difficulties that can come with shifting through endless sheets and documents to complete work that could be streamlined. At the end of the day, compensation and enterprise software provide the backbone of our organization. The same people that created our platform remain a part of our team and will become a part of yours to ensure your success.

Global Reach and Expertise

CompTrak aims to extend its reach beyond the North American atmosphere to a global perspective that is capable of covering numerous bases, including regional governance, audit requirements, and multiple currencies and languages. Whether your organization already exists in a global capacity or is aiming to get there, we can support the various aspects you need to be successful on a local and international scale.

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