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Enable better decision-making throughout your company and ultimately improve productivity with CompTrak’s configurable solutions to manage compensation programs.

Supporting over 1 million employees

Across sectors from financial to retail, CompTrak has transformed organizations by eliminating dependency
on archaic systems and processes.

We Help You Win The Talent War

CompTrak is a comprehensive software that is transforming the way salary, incentive, equity compensation plans are managed today. Our compensation management solution allows your business to innovate, customize, and manage multiple compensation plans with ease. Do away with spreadsheets and legacy systems that no longer serve your purposes. Reap additional benefits that allow you to ensure current compensation plans are properly linked to corporate strategic goals and performance.

Our compensation management tool utilizes a highly secure cloud-based infrastructure for complete protection of your privacy concerns. Ready to make the upgrade and start seeing how streamlined your previous processes can be?

One platform for All Your Compensation Needs

CompTrak’s single cloud-based platform brings simplicity, visibility, and security to your entire compensation cycle.

Why CompTrak?

There’s no way around it: Your current overprocessing and inefficiencies regarding your compensation management system are costing you. Traditional tasks related to this vital component of business can cause backlog and redundancy, creating an environment of overextended time and effort.

Eight out of ten corporations are dissatisfied with how they manage their compensation plans and processes. The top three complaints?

  • Too much redundant paper
  • Time wasted on producing reports and chasing managers
  • Errors and mistakes due to over-processing

These issues plague numerous industries. This is why CompTrak is a flexible compensation management solution, rather than a one-size-fits-all. We’ve designed our interface and software to be customizable and will work with your team to ensure that you use the tools you need to their full potential. Get access to in-depth reports and details where you need them with all the information and data you require in a centralized location.
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Our Value Propositions

Secure and Configurable

Save Time

Intelligence and Insight


Modern Tools for A Modern Business

The digital age has forced many systems to revamp and renew their processes. As efficient options become readily available in other areas of your business, so too should you leverage the power of a compensation management software solution. CompTrak is built with scalability and efficiency in mind, but it has numerous other features that can benefit your team.

Seamless Integration

You’ll appreciate our software’s seamless integration with your existing HR ecosystem. Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, ADP, UKG and all major HRIS platforms are established and functional pieces that make up the bigger piece of your puzzle. We’ve designed our tool to work alongside them, connecting key features and data that make managing your compensation easier and more efficient.

Support Throughout the Globe

Our 24/7 support service allows us to support companies worldwide in different languages and time zones, in addition to compliance concerns and governance. We support your team every step of the way, curating unique support packages to fit the needs of your users wherever they are.

Digital Innovation

Companies want access to details that make sense to them. We can customize how data is presented through visualization and tables, as well as helping to uncover the data that is important to you. From an employee perspective, we enable the complete branding of our statements to keep them personalized and engaged. We’ve innovated to allow seamless views and are constantly updating to improve user experience.

What Clients Say

Top Notch Customer Service - We've been working with CompTrak for over a year and have had a wonderful experience with the team as they've helped us build out a system to better manage our employee investment programs. Specifically, we've been impressed with how agile their capabilities are - particularly since our programs are so nuanced.

Managing Director, Property Development

100% Customer obsessed team - Highly reliable team whom we can trust to give the right advice, highlight risks and propose alternative possibilities given the context to develop the solution together.

Senior Manager, Financial Technology

Super smooth launch + great partnership! - The dedication and support received from their team throughout the process was incredible and the end solution is getting great feedback from our business leaders.

Strategic HR Projects Manager, Retail

Amazing team behind a very intuitive tool - CompTrak facilitates our year-end cycle and its very intuitive for our leaders

Senior Compensation Associate, Manufacturing

CompTrak is very user friendly, the appearance overall is also very appealing. The user screens are well thought out and organized. We liked the ability to customize the user input screen. Support from CompTrak is great. They are quick to respond to questions and queries.

Compensation Manager, Banking

A leadership team that is supportive of crafting solutions that meet business needs while the tool provides an effective end-user design to drive a positive experience

Global HR Director, Financial Services

Implemented a compensation review process from scratch at lightening speed

Comp Analyst, Financial Services

Great product and user experience - CompTrak support digital transformation and has great experience supporting clients across diverse industries

HR Director, Financial Services

CompTrak software allows us to manage the most complex compensation plans with confidence. It has no issue handling exceptions and complex business rules.

IT Portfolio Manager, Banking

Highly customized application to support employee variable compensation planning and allocation. Excellent support and flexible professional services.

Senior Project Manager, Financial Services

Customer service is impeccable! The team is always available to help when issues arise. The application is intuitive and very easy for managers and administrators to use. It gives us the flexibility to handle all situations with audit compliance.

Compensation Operations Director, Banking

Excellent product backed by a great company. Intuitive, ease of use and fantastic team to work with.

Senior Manager Compensation, Manufacturing

Excellent platform for communicating with our partners. Very easy to use, customizable, and excellent customer support. Great product!

Senior Investment Portfolio Analyst, Financial Services

CompTrak has great customer service and always goes above and beyond concerning any issues we experience. The system is very user friendly, and we have received great feedback from our managers in the field.

Compensation Analyst, Hospitality

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