Why CompTrak?

Invest in your people, transform your business.


Over-processing and inefficiencies in your compensation management process is costing you.

Eight out of ten corporations are dissatisfied with how they manage their compensation plans and processes. The top three complaints?

  1. Too much redundant paper
  2. Time wasted on producing reports and chasing managers
  3. Errors and mistakes due to over processing

These issues are a drain on time and resources and affect most organizations. CompTrak’s digital compensation management solution eliminates the need for spreadsheets and does away with inefficient processes allowing organizations to efficiently manage their plans with no dependency on legacy systems. The number of employee handoffs can move from double digits per manager to a single transaction, moving to a more fluid, reduced cycle time.

Organizational transformation through simple technology

CompTrak’s highly secure cloud based infrastructure is customized for each organization and plans are linked to corporate strategic goals. The user friendly interface provides instant visibility to compensation data, and improved reporting translates into better forecasting and decision making. Transparency into the system allows for quicker and greater comprehension around the plans themselves, freeing up time for more meaningful discussion around incentive and performance. In a marketplace where retaining talent is conditional to organizational success, investing in people is an easy decision.


Building change is hard work. But that’s our job.

Once you make the exciting decision to evolve your organization, choosing the right partner is crucial. Building change requires the involvement of a lot of folks, and the way you get there is just as important as the output itself. With a shared sense of purpose, the CompTrak team acts like an extension of your company. A dedicated support team manages the full building process, ensuring seamless integration and consistent user experience across all teams.

It’s organizational transformation. By design.

The CompTrak Difference

CompTrak is unique in the space of compensation management because its founders, Perry Doody and Lasse Silegren, each came to the table with a perfect marriage of technology expertise and human resource savviness. CompTrak’s proprietary technology, designed specifically to suit compensation practices, is the result of this unique intersection of tech and corporate insight.


One platform for all your compensation needs

CompTrak leverages our knowledge of compensation planning and allocation within our single cloud-based platform. Through this system, we aim to bring simplicity, visibility and security to your entire compensation cycle. We seek to align with your business goals by providing real-time visibility to the data you need to make decisions, develop strategies, and conduct reviews. All types of compensation are covered under our software, and we extend our services to include equity plans and total rewards. Experience the benefits, but most importantly, the solutions, that Comptrak has to offer