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Aligning strategy to performance

Align your company’s organizational strategy to individual objectives with CompTrak’s performance management software. Experience flexible workflows for scorecard creation, approval, scoring, and bonus payout. Compare and contrast the results you require with ease, ensuring targets are being met every step of the way. Witness the transformation in your teams and leaders with a performance management software that delivers results.

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Strategic Alignment from All Angles

Utilize a systemized and intelligent approach that connects performance to compensation throughout your organization with corporate, team, and individual objectives. Ensure cross-functionality and intelligent data management to test processes and reinforce standards that are important to your company.

Complete Management of All Compensation

Oversee the entire performance management process starting from scorecard creation, assignment, and approval. Continue through the process with scoring and bonus calculation contained into one system that allows for multiple role views into each case. Streamline what was once multiple procedures into one software that can handle it all.

Designed with Flexibility and Efficiency

CompTrak is able to pivot and facilitate any changes you introduce to your compensation and performance management strategies and processes. Whether this includes structural changes, scalability, or responsibility allocation, our software can support the developments you want and require in order to bring your company to the next level.

Products Modules

Leveling up your organization’s abilities to further align goals with fiscal results can be a swift and effective implementation for any company. We’ll work with you to ensure our performance management software aligns with your compensation and review structures to create an environment that benefits your teams but also your business as a whole.

Scorecard Creation

A comprehensive and flexible tool to manage the scorecard and OKR creation process from management down to entry-level employees. Flexible workflows for approval and scoring processes make it easy to align goals and performance endeavours to plan for the creation and review of tasks.

Scoring and Assessment

Manage all bonus accruals, reporting, updates and scoring with flexible processes with manager and employee assessments and different scoring metrics for quantitative and qualitative goals. Keep the team in sync, measure performance against goals, and encourage cross-functional collaboration. Drive more engaged employees and leaders within your organization and ensure they realize their efforts are marked changes that are going in the right direction.

Bonus Management

Manage the calculation and processing of multiple types of incentive and bonus plans. Reward your people for great individual and team performances based on percentages that keep departments within budget. Consider our performance management software a comprehensive tool that integrates various capabilities through one easy-to-use platform.

What You Will Get

Support When You Need It

At CompTrak, we seek to integrate our service platforms as solutions within your company. We understand that this comes with a learning period and a requirement for 24/7 service excellence and support. Our packages detail the assistance we can provide to your organization and ensures we are always available when you need us.

A Complementary Platform to Your Established Ecosystem

Our fully integrated compensation and performance management software is capable of integrating with the tools you already have in place. This includes Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM, UKG and other common HR suites.

The Full Package for Compensation and Performance

CompTrak has one objective — to simply and securely, manage and deliver your compensation. We also want to expand our offerings of what is possible as it relates to your compensation structure, which is where our performance management software comes in. That way, you can have a single platform to deliver performance management along with other types of compensation, eliminating guesswork and difficult processes.

Scalable and Adaptable for Growth

CompTrak's platform is designed to suit your needs now but it’s also built with growth and scalability in mind. Your requirements will change and your business will grow – and we will be there with you to ensure your compensation processes are always in order and performance management aligns with the goals of your organization.

Standards for Auditing & Compliance

Sales performance management is about more than personal and professional goals. It also involves compliance and auditing, vital to the overall morality and functionality of your organization. With CompTrak, in-depth logging is standard, meaning you won’t have to second guess results or worry about missing the mark on processes.

Leading a Digital Transformation

As a digitally aware company, user-centred design is more than a feature, it's a requirement. We acknowledge that more than 95% of our statements are viewed in a mobile format. With that, we strive to bring mobility to your performance management and compensation structures, constantly updating our software to ensure mobile access is put first.

Partnering with Compensation Experts

Compensation and enterprise software are in the DNA of our organization. Our platform was built with compensation experts, those who understand the key details and sought to streamline a tool that could do it all. These experts remain an integral part of our team, and will extend their knowledge to help you with insights on yours.

Globally Outfitted and Prepared

CompTrak provides global solutions. We can handle everything specific to your organization including regional governance and audit requirements to multiple currencies, languages and real-time FX rates. From a performance management software perspective, we have your global and local requirements covered.

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