Strategic Compensation Design & Advisory

Bring your compensation program to the next level with industry insights, best practices and operational excellence.

Gain Industry Insight

Ensure that your rewards are fair, competitive and consistent with the market. From survey completion to market analysis, our multi-industry knowledge can help give you a strategic advantage when attracting and retaining the best talent and driving the right behaviors.

Design Your Plan To Drive Performance

Your annual plan review or new role launch can be a long, iterative process. Our experts have in-house experience with hundreds of roles and compensation plans helping organizations get the right incentives, sales targets and performance metrics. We can help with the unique needs of front office and back office roles.

Operational Execution

Launching new channels or major plan revisions is time-sensitive and can challenge even the best teams. We know what it’s like to design, navigate stakeholders and operationalize compensation plans for thousands of employees in multiple regions. Let us work with you to execute your vision.

CompTrak was Designed by

compensation professionals for compensation professionals who understand all the challenges that come with managing dynamic and ever-changing compensation plans and arrangements. As such, we have an in-depth understanding of compensation supported by a team of senior compensation professionals who can support your organization in not only assessing or reviewing the design of your compensation plans but also what it takes to operationalize it and do it in a manner that will be highly reliable, secure, efficient and provide the best experience to the business users.
Our advisory services include:

  • Current state assessments
  • Process improvement
  • Compensation Plan Review and Recommendations
  • Equity and Deferred Compensation Plan Management
  • Compensation Plan Design
  • Governance
  • Review Frameworks

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