Compensation Plan Governance

Provide transparency and visibility

We help companies monitor and review all compensation plans within their organization. CompTrak accommodates whatever unique needs your organization requires. Freeing you up to spend more time on what matters to you – improving the performance of your business.

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Each compensation plan is assigned to an Executive Owner with a review framework that can be configured to set up review and log issues with follow-up plans pertaining to the compensation plans. This module is a great way of providing an organizational view and transparency to compensation plans and ensuring that compensation plans are achieving the desired result. The Compensation Plan Governance module is ideal for Executives and Board Compensation Committees.

Compensation Plan Governance Features:

  • Assignment of an Owner to every Compensation Plan

  • Configurable review and audit frameworks and with reminders sent to owners

  • Issue logs with Follow Up actions


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One platform for all your compensation needs

CompTrak leverages our knowledge of compensation planning and allocation within our single cloud-based platform. Through this system, we aim to bring simplicity, visibility and security to your entire compensation cycle. We seek to align with your business goals by providing real-time visibility to the data you need to make decisions, develop strategies, and conduct reviews. All types of compensation are covered under our software, and we extend our services to include equity plans and total rewards. Experience the benefits, but most importantly, the solutions, that Comptrak has to offer