Promotion Management Software

End-to-end management of your promotions process from nomination, review, and approval to employee communication. Take advantage of the configurable workflows to automate your promotions cycle.

Highly Configurable

CompTrak's Promotion Management module can be integrated into your salary review cycle or run as its own process. Customizable eligibility requirements and form templates allow you to automate the capture and reporting of all nominations.

Automated workflows and notifications streamline the process to keep you on schedule and within budget. CompTrak's Total Reward Experience provides dynamic and personalized employee communication for successful candidates.

CompTrak Compensation Management

Enhanced Insight

Full reporting suite and self-serve dashboards provide insight into your organization's internal movements and mobility, as well as ensure fairness across genders, ethnicities and regions.

Identify and flag fast learning, high-value employees for succession planning as they emerge from your employee base. Full history of employee movement provides valuable insight on employee progression and tracks.

CompTrak Compensation Management

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Start spending time on higher-value work and consolidate your compensation process into one single platform.

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Empower Your Organization to Win the Talent War

  • Seamlessly fits into your HR ecosystem by integrating with any HRIS or Performance Management software
  • Configurable users permissions with custom roles. Full ownership of access rights and cycle phases

  • Customized reporting suite with advanced analytics and self-serve dashboards for all key stakeholders

  • Manage all exceptions, adjustments and overrides within CompTrak with full audit log and tracking
  • Comprehensive review and calibration capabilities for Executive, Delegates and HR teams
  • Flexible framework allows organization to evolve and adjust compensation strategy as you grow

Excellent product backed by a great company. CompTrak is intuitive, easy to use and clean interface. Backed by a fantastic team that is always a pleasure to work with.

Compensation Manager, Global Banking
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CompTrak's enterprise platform brings simplicity, visibility and security to all aspects of your compensation program.