About CompTrak

CompTrak® is a comprehensive solution that is transforming the way incentive, equity and merit review compensation plans are managed today. CompTrak® allows companies to innovate, customize, manage multiple compensation plans and ensure that they are linked to corporate strategic goals while eliminating the need for spreadsheets and dependency on legacy systems. CompTrak® utilizes a highly secure cloud-based infrastructure and can be implemented within weeks to support corporate incentive plans.”

CompTrak® is designed and built by 2by2 Strategies Limited. 2by2 Strategies is a multi-faceted HR and business consulting firm specializing in the development of end-to-end compensation management solutions. 2by2 Strategies was founded in 2012 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada with a development office located in Aurora, Ontario.



Lasse Silegren 

Co-founder and Partner

Lasse is Co-founder and Partner of CompTrak. Lasse is an accomplished Senior Executive with a broad experience base in strategy and business development within the software and information technology sectors.

Lasse has previously held the roles of President, Integration Executive and Senior Vice President at Momentum Digital Solutions and OnX Enterprise Solutions.


Perry Doody

Co-founder and Partner

Perry is Co-founder and Partner of CompTrak. Perry is widely recognized as a charismatic innovator over his 18-year influential career in financial services, healthcare, information technology and software development.

Perry’s solutions are currently in use in several organizations including the Human Resources, Capital Markets, and Wealth Management service lines of one of North America’s leading diversified financial services companies.