About Us

CompTrak's mission is to change the way companies do business, turning compensation challenges into opportunities. Our blueprint is the combination of a patented software platform, superior technical expertise and responsive customer service. Led by our experienced Leadership team, CompTrak is transforming how variable incentive, merit review and equity plans are managed today.  

Team Leads

In order to provide the best all-around client experience, CompTrak has built a network of specialization teams. Each group oversees a specific discipline, while still working interdependently as a large cohesive group. A client’s ability to draw on five distinct specialization units make the CompTrak partnership truly unique.


One platform for all your compensation needs

CompTrak leverages our knowledge of compensation planning and allocation within our single cloud-based platform. Through this system, we aim to bring simplicity, visibility and security to your entire compensation cycle. We seek to align with your business goals by providing real-time visibility to the data you need to make decisions, develop strategies, and conduct reviews. All types of compensation are covered under our software, and we extend our services to include equity plans and total rewards. Experience the benefits, but most importantly, the solutions, that Comptrak has to offer